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Are you afraid of the dark?

of Good and Evil, a world of horrors

It all began in 2006 with a weekend larp and the two moth long larp campaign was born the year after. Since then we have had both campaigns and one shot horror larps with different scenarios. The world of Good and Evil is like ours, but a bit (and sometimes very much) darker. In this reality you find that the monster in your closet is as real as the crazy neighbourg that one day murdered his family with an axe. Evil comes in many form and one must always be careful… Are you afraid of the dark? If not, we might be able to change that. 

The secret occult society

Post Mortem

One of the central elements of the stories told in the world of Good and Evil is the secret society of Post Mortem. This organisation exist all over the world in small groups called ”offices” and aim to keep the unknowing people safe and sound while at the same time keeping a balance between the human reality and the other worlds of the paranormal and the occult. In our two month long campaign our participants play characters that all are members in Post Mortem, trying to battle the dark and evil and at the same time taking care of family, keeping the occult world from the news and fighting over who’s turn it is to load the dishwasher in the office.

When nightmares becomes a reality

During the last couple of years we have had different kind of photoshoots in order to capture the dark reality in the world of Good and Evil. Here you find some of the higlights. Other photos that you can see on this site has been taken during larps or during photoshoots by the participants and different photographers in the crew. We hope it will work as an inspiration and a guide to this dark and grim world!

Latest News

Since some of ours content are for the campaign that runs in swedish, some of the blog posts might be written in swedish. If you are english speaking and are curious on our international larp or resources this will always be posted in english. If you see anything you wish to know more about, don’t hesitate to ask!  

Photoshoot inför BABYLON

I helgen genomfördes ett photoshoot med några av våra duktiga deltagare som ställde upp framför kameran! Höstens teman kommer fokusera på tro med inriktning mot katolsk tro framförallt. Så då[…]

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You may call me dr. Peyo

En spelvecka för aktiva deltagare och SLP i PGO-kampanjen som går över internet mellan 27 maj – 4 april! Här hittar du planering och grundläggande info till veckan. Har du[…]

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SoMetHinG CrOokEd cOmeS

Ett skräcklajv är på väg till Sundsvall i slutet av augusti 2020. Är du mörkrädd? Om inte, kan vi ändra på det. Psykadelisk psykologisk skräck och bodyhorror blandat med action,[…]

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